Meet the Family

Angela Hartleigh - President/Senior Pastor


Angela is a wife and a mother of two beautiful adult daughters.  She has a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Psychology, and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree.  She currently lives near Philadelphia, PA, but is originally from middle Georgia.  Angela is passionate about helping people to be all God created them to be.

Gin Hartleigh - Vice President/Associate Pastor

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Gin is married to Angela and also has a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Psychology, and is also currently pursuing a doctorate degree.  After living through a very difficult childhood, and also difficult adulthood, including several suicide attempts, addiction to prescription drugs, and self-hatred, God brought healing and wholeness to Gin at the age of 38.


Gin is passionate about seeing God transform lives as people grow closer to Him.

Maria Caruana - Secretary of the Board


Maria was raised in Brooklyn, New York.  She remained an atheist until her relationship with Jesus began in 1986.  At that time, God delivered her from a life of alcohol and drugs to live life in abundance with Him.  Following God’s call into pastoral service, Maria graduated from Christ Evangelical Bible Institute in 1994 and moved from Phoenix to San Francisco in 1996, in order to share a life with her spouse, Terrie.  Maria served as pastor of Freedom in Christ Church from January 1998 through December 2018.  She currently serves on the board of TEN, Family Gatherings and City of Refuge and the Y.A. Flunder Board of Directors.

With compassion, mercy, and honesty, it is Maria’s heart to tell everyone about God’s love and the relationship He wants to have with us through Jesus as well as to encourage all to be the individuals God has created them to be.

Jonathan Smith  - Board Member

Jonathan was raised as a PK (preacher’s kid) and the youngest child of Godly parents. They taught him that God desires to be as powerful and active in our lives today as He ever was in biblical times. Jonathan grew up experiencing God in his family and personal life.  As a missionary for the Southern Baptist, Jonathan experienced the miracle-working God through the supernatural healing of a life long sight disability.  When he continued to ask God to change his same-sex attraction, God responded, “I healed what was broken, stop asking!”  


He is the Associate Pastor of The Gathering Place Worship Center in Atlanta, Ga. where he lives with his husband of 5 years, Ryan Carr.


Jonathan is passionate about seeing The Church become the bride that Christ deserves and the highway of Holiness over which God will come to our broken world.  Isaiah 35:8-10